Monday, April 2, 2012

Converting Low Bounce Rate on Blogs & Websites

Low bounce rate is desired by most bloggers and web publishers. This is because it is used to measure the engagement of a blog or website. But, do not forget why you want an engaging website or blog in the first place. Blog engagement is a journey, not a destination. The aim of an engaging blog or website is to convert visitors into customers.

Every Click should count

Bounce rate is lowered by reducing the number of visitors that leave your blog without viewing another page. However, the additional page they view should count. Claiming low bounce rates with page views that bring no value to your blog or website is meaningless. In fact, it is better they bounce than incur additional cost in server time for you.

Placing meaningless links on a blog just to gain low bounce rate is not useful. Links should be added in such a way that when clicked they bring you closer to converting the visitor. To do that the link should answer likely questions generated by the referring page.

Creating content that converts

To make additional page views on your website useful, they need to be related to the referring page and offer additional information about its content. For example, an article or blog post about a product could include links to specs and reviews of the product as well as link to a shopping cart.

Your contact details and information about your social network presence should also be prominently positioned so that if the visitor does not convert now, you can still convert him later through your social media campaigns.

The point of these series of articles on bounce rate is to remind you of the bigger picture. As a blogger or web publisher you should not focus so much on signals, but understand why they exist. Bounce rate exists to help you measure the engagement of you blog or website, but the ultimate goal is to drive-up conversion.

The reason you want visitors to stay longer on your blog or website is to convert them and not just to reduce bounce rate. Low bounce rate is of no value without conversion. Focus your bounce rate reduction campaigns to making pages that will lead to conversion more accessible.

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