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Online jobs are jobs that can be done on the internet. Online jobs are done using computers and mobile devices connected to the internet. The increase in internet accessibility and affordability have resulted in many opportunities on the internet.

There are a number of ways that people make honest and legitimate living on the internet. The fact is that any job that can be done with a computer can be automated online. There are also online work marketplace where skilled people can be employed to do online jobs.

Online jobs can be done from any location, but there are a number of factors that might exclude people from some regions. Here you will find guide on the type of online jobs that can be done in Nigeria.

First lets look at factors to consider when thinking online jobs.

Does the Online Jobs Provider Support Nigeria

When using an online jobs platform also make sure that the platform supports Nigeria. Do not register under another country, as you may not be able to receive your money. If an online jobs platform does not support Nigeria, look for one that does.

For example, Clickbank does not support Nigeria, so you can not use the internet opportunity in Nigeria. Although there are people/services that claim they can help you use Clickbank from Nigeria, but this usually involves giving confidential information to a third party not answerable to you. This is an easy way for fraudsters to steal your identity and your hard earned money.

Payment method for Online Jobs

One factor to consider when selecting online jobs is to be clear on how you will collect your money. There is no point working if you cannot collect your money. The easiest way to receive international payments for online jobs in Nigeria is via US Dollar (USD) denominated cheques. You will need a USD domiciliary account to cash USD checks. Pounds Sterling and Euro denominated cheques are also easy to cash.

Other payment options for receiving earnings for your online jobs include Liberty Reserve, Bank Wire, MoneyGram, Western Union, and Direct bank deposit.

If you are using a platform with a standard means of payment, make sure that their payment means can be supported in Nigeria. Avoid online opportunities that pay only with payment methods not supported in Nigeria like PayPal. Although there are hacks, but hacks are never reliable and are very risky.

If you are rendering a service for someone online, ask for your payment via supported electronic payment means Liberty Reserve, western union, moneygram, or cash (if the client is in Nigeria).

Reliable Internet Access & Computer

Online jobs are done on the internet so you should not be surprised about needing a reliable internet access. You also require computer, not a mobile phone. If all you have a feature phone like all those tiny screen phones running Opera Mini, forget online jobs for now.

You need a computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or later to be effective at online jobs. You can use a cyber cafe but there are always some limitations with them.

Reliable Power Supply

Like with internet access, you also need a reliable power supply. As you know PHCN is useless so you cannot count on them. So, if you plan venturing into the online jobs industry, make sure you provide a reliable power source like generator, inverter, and solar power systems.

Online Jobs for Nigeria

There are a number of ways that ordinary people create wealth and jobs for themselves online. Here are a few of them that can be done in Nigeria:
  • Blogging
  • Web/content publishing Jobs
  • Online/affiliate marketing Jobs
  • writing copies for websites and advertisers (Copywriters)
  • High Yielding Investment Opportunities (HYIPs)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consulting Jobs
  • Web design Jobs
  • Translation
  • Virtual Assistants Jobs
  • Research Assistant
  • Software development
  • Application development
  • Online Forex Trading Jobs
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Graphics & Multimedia Designers
On this blog I cover blogging, web publishing, online/affiliate marketing, Copywriting, and SEO. So, if you are interested on these types of online jobs join me here for updates and tips. Thanks.

One great advantage of online jobs is that you can work from anywhere, at home, cyber cafe, office, anywhere with internet access. Online jobs can also be done fulltime or part-time. Freelance jobs are also available online at online work marketplace.

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u r great in describing thins in the easiest ways pls keep it up and God will surely bless u,pls post any means of online job dat can be done in nigeria or how i can open a truely internet bank account in a place like U.S to my email; is with U.


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