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Affiliate marketing programs are programs that pay you commission for selling products for them. For an online affiliate marketing program, you point people to their website and if they buy a product or register for a service, you will be paid a fixed percentage of sales as commission. To make money from affiliate marketing programs you must select the right one. Here you will find a guide on choosing affiliate marketing programs.

Starting an affiliate marketing program is very easy today. Because of this fact, there are thousands of affiliate programs today promising to pay you commissions for sales. While some are scams, many are genuine. You have to be alert when choosing an affiliate marketing program. Do not choose a marketing program just because it promises a high commission; do not forget that you will be paid only if you successfully sell a product.

Here are few guides to choosing an affiliate marketing program:

Choose products/services that you can sell

When choosing an affiliate marketing program choose one that sell the kind of products and services that you can market online successfully. To sell a product you have to be convincing. If you are not well vast about a product, you will find it difficult convincing others to buy.

If you have a website, you should choose affiliate marketing programs that promote products that you can directly market on your website. Do not choose a marketing program simply because it pays more commission as you will only be paid if you can successfully sell a product.

Choose an affiliate program that supports your country

While most affiliate marketing programs will support countries like USA, Canada and UK, some affiliate programs may not support countries like Nigeria. Hence, when choosing an affiliate program choose one that support your country.

You may be tempted to claim you are from another country, but you have to remember that if an affiliate does not support your country, your earnings will not be sent to you in your country. Trying to cut corners can leave you at the mercy of fraudsters.

What are the payment options?

Related to support for country is payment option. If the payment options supported by your affiliate marketing program are not supported in your country, you will not be able to receive your payments. Hence, before selling for an affiliate, make sure you will be able to receive your money.

The surest way to receive your affiliate earnings in Nigeria is US Dollar (USD) denominated cheques. With a domiciliary account, you will be able to cash such checks. However, make sure that Nigeria is supported by the affiliate, as they will not send checks to Nigeria if they do not support Nigeria.

Other payment options available to Nigerians include egold, western union, moneygram and direct bank deposit. One popular option that is available worldwide, but which does not support Nigeria is PayPal.

Choose an affiliate that supports you

Your affiliate marketing program must help you to succeed after all your success is their success. They must provide you with up to date information about your click-through and sales. Your affiliate marketing program should also provide with information and tutorials on how to succeed in your business. Choose an affiliate that has a blog, user groups and forums that will help you succeed.

A good affiliate marketing program should provide you with sales materials like banners and text links.

How reliable is the affiliate

Choose an affiliate marketing program with a reliable system. The system for tracking orders and sale must be reliable. Do they pay promptly? What is their quality of service? Search on the internet for news on the affiliate you want to join and check whether they have positive or negative publicity.

When will you get paid

You should also check the payment procedure of the affiliate program. What is the minimum balance you must accumulate before you are paid? How often will you receive a commission cheque?

A good place to start when you visit an affiliate marketing website is the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page. A good FAQ will answer all the questions listed here and more.



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