Adsense for Search Review

Adsense for search allows publishers using Adsense to Add Google search box on their websites. Google search box will enable your visitors to search for contents on your website. Your visitors can also search the web directly on your website. Adsense for search create a new revenue stream as Ads are displayed on your search pages. As usual, you earn some money on clicks on Adsense Ads displayed on your search pages.

Adsense for search helps you improve your site user experience. Your visitors can search for other contents on your website from your Adsense search box keeping them longer on your website. They can also search the web directly from your website.

Ads are placed on Google search pages. You earn some money when Adsense Ads displayed on your search pages are clicked.

You can select the search pages to be displayed on your website or on Google website, either way you make money on valid Adsense clicks. You can also choose whether you want the search page displayed on current page or in a new page. You can size the search box to fit any space on your website.

Adsense for search will provide you with information on top search queries via your search box. This information will help you discover the type of contents your visitors are searching for on your website. It will also show you contents that visitors need but do not see on your website. You can create new contents to cover such topics. However, make sure you maintain the theme of your website.

When setting up your Adsense for search it is a good idea to select that your website is searched instead of the web. This ensures the search page will display pages from your website relevant to the search term entered by your visitor first. If your visitors finds any useful, they click on it and remain on your website. If none is found useful, they can then select search the web for other contents on the web. Hence, visitors will leave your website only if they have to.

This approach will certainly increase your page views as well as your earnings.

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