Saturday, April 11, 2009

Use Adsense Channels to discover your best Ad Placement

Adsense custom channels enable you to track the performance of Google Adsense ad units on your website. You can use Adsense custom channels to find out which ad formats generates the most clicks on your website. You can also use custom channels to find out which locations on your website generates the most clicks.

Adsense custom channels make studying and troubleshooting your website easy. Adsense for content allows you to create up to 200 channels. You can also create up to 200 custom channels for your search bar. This will help you know which search bars are generating the most queries.

Although many new web publishers ignore creating a custom channel for their Adsense ad units, I recommend that you create Adsense custom channels from the very first day. Adsense custom channels provide you with a wealth of information that puts you on top of your game.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Using Google Webmaster Tools for identifying your Potential Keywords

Google webmaster tools provide you with information about your top keywords on Google search. You get two lists of keywords. The list on your left includes the top 20 keywords that your pages appeared in on Google search. This list also informs you of your ranking on Google search for these keywords.

The list on your right includes the top 20 keywords that generated traffic to your website and your ranking on those keywords. These two-piece of information can be very useful in improving your ranking on Google. If you notice that there is very little in common between the left keyword list and the right keyword list then there is a call to action.

Note that the left list informs you of keywords that if you were ranking high on, you would have generated more traffic to your site. These are your gold mine keywords. Your right keywords however, are the keywords that are actually generating traffic to your website. Your objective when using this feature of Google webmaster tools is to make as many keywords as possible that appear in your left keywords list to appear in your right keywords list as well.

To achieve this you have to click on any of the keywords in your left list starting with the first, this will take you to a search page for that keyword showing pages ranking high on that keyword. Study those websites to find out why they are ranking high, and then write pages that will compete for those keywords. This will take time to achieve results. Your goal is to ensure that your right hand keywords list matches your left hand keywords list.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Focus each Website or Blog to a Theme

Do not develop a website or blog that talks about everything. Every website must have a purpose or theme. Do not put out contents on any subject on the same website. Making money from web publishing requires a purposeful website.

If you want to write on different subjects do that on different websites or blogs. However, do not have too many websites at their development stages. Make a success of one website, before developing a new one. Having too many websites than you can handle will deprive you the opportunity to develop a website rich in content, which is all you need to make money from web publishing.

Concentrating a website or blog on one subject (or niche) makes it easy to build a brand or reputation. It also improves your ranking on search engines, as search engines will easily understand your website. A purposeful website is also likely to have better targeted Ads. All this will result in your making reasonable amount of money for your effort.

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