Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What is your Experience & Expertise? Step 2 Niche Blogging 101

In an earlier post on choosing the right niche for your blog, blogging about your interest was considered key to success in Niche blogging. However, you may have interest in a niche, but do you have the experience required to do justice to the niche? Although with passion you can blog about a topic you have little or no experience in, but experience in a topic makes it easier and fun.

Your experience comes from what you do for a living, where you have been, challenges you have faced, situations you have found yourself, books you have read, movies you have watched, etc. You do not need to go to school to have experience; all you need is to be alive.

So, as long as you are alive there is something you know more than an average person and you can share that with the world through your blog.

The first obvious thing to pick as your experience is your profession, then your course of study in school. However, your best pick is to ask yourself what sort of subjects friends and family usually seek your advice. That tells you what you are really good at.

Are you the go to guy/babe for fashion advice? You can start niche blogging about fashion. Do friends and family always come to you for relationship advice, legal advice, investment advice, advice on gadget to purchase, child care tips, admission tips, etc? Brainstorm and find out what family and friends think you are good in. You can also ask a friend to help.

Your experience can also come from a challenge you faced in the past. There could be thousands, if not millions facing the same challenge and your blog might become their only chance of surmounting the challenge. So, you can start niche blogging about the challenges you have surmounted in the past.

Using the guidelines I have given so far list niches you think you have experience to blog about. However, do not forget the earlier list you made on your interests. If you missed it, you can findout how to know your interest.

Now rank the list of niches you have generated so far from brainstorming your passion (interest) and experience, placing the niches you have both passion and experience for on top, followed by the ones you have passion for but lack experience, and finally the ones you have experience for but lack passion. Keep this scale of preference safe, you will still need it.

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