Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Regularly update old contents - fresh content makes money

Visitors to websites usually prefer recent and relevant contents to their search terms. It is usually annoying to visit a website only to find outdated contents. Although having old contents may not affect your search engine ranking, it can affect your ability to leverage your high ranking. This is because most of your visitors will leave your site once they notice old contents this will affect how much money you make from Ads.

In order to continue making money from web publishing, you must regularly update old contents.

You should not just focus on developing new contents; your old contents must also be regularly updated. With time, some contents on your pages will be outdated. You can delete outdated pages but I prefer updating contents on my old pages. Sometimes, it may not be practical to update contents on an outdated page; in such a case, you may be tempted to delete such a page. However, I recommend that you write a newer version of the page, and link to it from your older version. This way any visitor to the old page that finds your older page outdated will have an option of visiting the more recent version.

For example if you have a specification page on Toyota Corolla 2006, and you want to write a specification page for Toyota Corolla 2009, you do not need to delete the contents on older page. Simply, write a new page on Toyota Corolla 2009 and put a link to it in your Corolla 2006 page. This ensures that people looking for the latest Toyota Corolla models who are taken to the older Corolla 2006 page can connect to your fresh Corolla 2009 page.

Some pages may look useless, like a page on an expired promotion by a company. You may decide to delete such a page, but what I will do, is to look for recent promotions by the same company or by other companies and write new contents about recent promotions. I will then link to these more relevant pages from the outdated page. I will place the links to the newer posts as high as possible in the outdated post so that any visitor who visits the outdated page will find links to more recent and relevant promotions contents.

Traffic is hard to come by, so anything you can do to avoid deleting an outdated page should be done, especially if it is adding to your overall traffic. Imagine deleting a page that account for traffic of up to 100 visitors every month, just because its contents are outdated. Delete a page only if it is extremely necessary.

Note that changes in structure and contents of your website can lead to changes in the keyword index of some or all of your pages, so do keyword indexing of your pages each time you change your page structure or contents significantly. You may have to edit your contents i.e. increase the frequency of your primary keyword; or reduce the frequency of primary keyword.

Increase the frequency of your primary keyword if the structural change resulted in a reduction in your primary keyword’s index. Likewise, reduce the frequency of your primary keyword if the change increased the index.

If you had published contents that because of time is no longer accurate, edit it in order to reflect the new reality on ground. Assuming, you publish prices of some product online and prices have changed, you should edit the page to reflect the new prices. Read your old contents and access their relevance, edit them to be more relevant. When editing your old contents, take note of your primary keyword and your overall keyword index.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adsense for Search Review

Adsense for search allows publishers using Adsense to Add Google search box on their websites. Google search box will enable your visitors to search for contents on your website. Your visitors can also search the web directly on your website. Adsense for search create a new revenue stream as Ads are displayed on your search pages. As usual, you earn some money on clicks on Adsense Ads displayed on your search pages.

Adsense for search helps you improve your site user experience. Your visitors can search for other contents on your website from your Adsense search box keeping them longer on your website. They can also search the web directly from your website.

Ads are placed on Google search pages. You earn some money when Adsense Ads displayed on your search pages are clicked.

You can select the search pages to be displayed on your website or on Google website, either way you make money on valid Adsense clicks. You can also choose whether you want the search page displayed on current page or in a new page. You can size the search box to fit any space on your website.

Adsense for search will provide you with information on top search queries via your search box. This information will help you discover the type of contents your visitors are searching for on your website. It will also show you contents that visitors need but do not see on your website. You can create new contents to cover such topics. However, make sure you maintain the theme of your website.

When setting up your Adsense for search it is a good idea to select that your website is searched instead of the web. This ensures the search page will display pages from your website relevant to the search term entered by your visitor first. If your visitors finds any useful, they click on it and remain on your website. If none is found useful, they can then select search the web for other contents on the web. Hence, visitors will leave your website only if they have to.

This approach will certainly increase your page views as well as your earnings.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tips - Regularly add new contents

To succeed in the content business, you must regularly add new contents on your website. Adding new contents regularly will attract readers who will always find something fresh to read each time they visit. Search engine crawlers will also visit your website regularly if they always find something new each time they visit your website.

Adding new contents regularly will lead to your populating your website with hundreds of relevant pages. This will usually result in more traffic from search engines. You will also get referral visits from other websites that find your contents interesting; this will also result in higher traffic. Quality Referral links as a result of quality contents will also result in higher search engine ranking which will mean more traffic. Of course, higher traffic under normal circumstances will lead to higher earning.

For new contents to lead to higher traffic, the new pages you are adding must be relevant, purposeful and must be based from your keyword analysis and your keyword logs. New contents must have quality and relevance. Do not forget to always update your older contents.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Making Money from Web Publishing dont happen overnight

New web publishers usually think that making money from web publishing involves publishing a few contents and seating back and waiting for money to roll in. However, usually no money or very little money is made initially. This is usually frustrating for new web publishers. For losers, the next move is to run before poor earnings break their heart further. For winners, however, the approach is to face reality and learn how successful content publishers make money online.

Soon new web publishers learn that making money from web publishing is not a get rich quick scheme. This is when the gamblers exit.

Usually, you would not make lots of money from web publishing during the first month, or even your second month. It takes between three to 12 months to make reasonable monthly income from web publishing. For some publishers it may even take a longer time.

Not all successful web publishers made money from their first website. It took several failures before success was achieved. However, they all understood that it was possible to make money from web publishing and they kept trying. They kept learning new tricks that made each new try better than the previous one. Therefore, if you are currently earning very little money monthly, this is not a time to quite, it is a time to learn.

There are a number of reasons why making money from web publishing takes some time. One is that it takes time to build a content rich website. Of course, to make money from content, you need to have a content rich website. A website with one or two pages of content will not make much money. Then you have to inform the web community about your new website. The first place to start are search engines. Most of the traffic to your website will come from search engines. Of course, lots of traffic usually means lot of money.

It takes time before search engine robots index your web pages. Even when they are indexed and included on the index, it takes time before they are ranked where you want them on the index. Poor ranking on your major keywords will always result in low traffic to your website, which means little money.

Note that some websites are already on top and some of them are consciously doing everything to remain there. It also seems that search engines usually reward publishers who are first to provide contents relevant to certain keywords. Although traffic may be low initially due to your low ranking and poor brand reputation, your ranking will usually rise over time. What is important is to ensure you are doing everything right. If all is well you will eventually make good money, it is only a matter of time before the money starts rolling in.

To make money from content publishing your website need to be purposeful. Each page will focus on a keyword. You should also look for emerging keywords in your industry and target them early. Search engines reward early birds. You also have to regularly update your contents. Monitor your progress.

Note also that the amount of money you make does not depend on the number of websites. One well-built website with useful and relevant contents will usually make more money than several websites full of irrelevant contents. Focus on developing one content rich website first before starting a new one.

To make money from content, you need a content rich website. Then register your site with search engines and other relevant platforms. This drives traffic to your website. The more traffic your drive to your site the more money you can make. You then need to find a way of making money from your traffic. The most popular method is Advertising. Advertise products that will interest your visitors, and watch the money role in.

You can make money from web publishing, but it will take time.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Tips on new content: Finding ideas - keywords logs media

The first place to look for new ideas for future contents is your keywords list. Your keywords list should inspire you to develop new contents. Your keywords list will help you find out keywords you have covered and those you are yet to cover. Make sure you cover all keywords in your relevant keywords list. This is one reason why you need to develop a keywords list before launching a website.

You should also look at your keywords logs. Your keywords logs give you a list of keywords that directed visitors to your website via search engines. These keywords are called your active keywords. Your active keywords must be downloaded on your PC for storage. These keywords will tell you what your visitors are searching for on your website. If you find keywords not properly covered by your website, develop new contents to cover such keywords.

New ideas can come from mainstream media. Look for magazines, journals, newsletter, and newspapers that discuss the topics you provide contents on. You will find new ideas in such print media. Adverts in print media can also inspire you to write new contents. Some newspapers focus on special topics on certain days, so find out on what days popular newspapers focus on the topics you provide content on, and flip through for new ideas.

Do not copy what is in the print media, although it may be easy, it is unethical and will be ineffective. Note that writing for the internet is different from writing for print media. The content you are copying will probably not be optimised for search engines. In addition, copying other people’s work will deprive you of the opportunity to learn how to generate quality web copies, which will in the long run undermine your success.

You should also use electronic media like TV, cable, radio, and satellite. Note programmes that focus on your industry and always tune in to find out what is being discussed. You will discover new ideas during such programmes. Also, look for cable and satellite channels that focus on your industry and always find interesting and informative programmes to tune in.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Technology - key driver of content publishing business

Technology advances over the past few years have contributed greatly to the advancement in content publishing business globally. Technology has made publishing contents online easier and cheaper. Technology has also made making money from contents much easier and effective than ever before.

Advancements in storage technology have led to cheaper storage costs. This also means that the cost of hosting contents on the internet has been dropping, making it cheaper and easier to upload content on the internet.

Thanks to technology, today all you really need to provide content online is just your content and a means of accessing the internet. You can get free hosting services from free hosting services like Blogger.com. Blogger like most free hosting services also provides you with an easy to use interface for designing and maintaining your website and content. You also get a free domain name that gives you a unique address on the internet. You may also register for a professional domain name and still keep your free hosting; all these are made possible by advancements in technology.

Placing ads on your website have also been made simpler by technology. Today all you need is an ad code to paste on your site, and you will get ads that are relevant to contents served on your website. This is made possible because advertisers can easily use available technology to target adverts to contents relevant to products and services that they are marketing.

Advancements in technology have also led to the increase in processing power of computers allowing developers to add more features to the capability of internet applications.

Technology has also made internet access cheaper and easier. Today, Broadband technology and high speed data is a reality. This means that contents like video, flash, games, music, and software can now be easily downloaded on the internet. This has created a market for publishers of such contents to monetise such contents.

Easy and cheap accessibility also means that more people can access the internet. All these people are potential consumers for your content. The good news is that as technology continues to improve accessing internet will continue to be easier and cheaper, meaning that the content business has a great future.

As a content publisher, you must monitor advancements in technology, and take advantage of them from the beginning. If you hear of a new technology that can improve your web publishing business, try it out. For example if you hear of a new technology feature from Adsense or webmaster tools, test and find out how it affects your business.

Technology is a key driver of the content business.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tips - make a success of one website before developing another one

One trap that new web publishers fall into is the lure to develop many websites at once. You should not make this common mistake; you should concentrate on one website at a time. Make a success of this website before developing another website. Also, make sure that developing a new website will not interfere with your ability to maintain your existing website(s).

Making money on the internet is not about the number of websites you have, rather it is about the number of relevant pages you have on the internet. Having too many websites all at their development stage will be a distraction, which you will eventually find out if you disobey this advice. This will lead to disappointing earnings.

A new website like a child needs lots of care. Having too many websites at a time may be very hard to manage. If you are new to web publishing, you need time to learn how it works. You can learn with one website. Use your first website to learn about web publishing. Once you start making a reasonable amount of money, which is an indication that you are now getting things right, you can then start developing more website.

To make money from web publishing, you need to have lots of relevant contents on your website. You also need to build content on your website continuously and consistently over a long period before you can start making higher ranking and reasonable amount of money. Concentrating on one website is the easiest and quickest way to achieve success from web publishing and Google Adsense.

Once your website matures then you can look for new areas in order to expand your earning. A website is matured when it attracts enough traffic to bring in a reasonable amount of money for your effort. Your website is also matured if it is doing reasonably well your key keywords. However, do not abandon your matured website. Maintain your matured websites and continuously add new contents to them and you will make even more money.

So take my advice, do not have more than one websites in their development stages at the same time. Make a success of one website before starting a new website.