Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blogger Post Options - Blog Post Scheduling feature

One hallmark of successful blogs is freshness. Each time a regular visitor visits a blog site they usually expect to see something new. The easiest way to fail in blogging is to post once a month. Hence, serious bloggers usually add new content to their blogs regularly. However, you do not need to be online each time you want to publish on your blog. You can write all the blog postings you intend to publish for a week at once, and then use a blog scheduling feature like that found in Blogger to schedule when each blog posting should be published.

Blog scheduling makes publishing your Blog posting very easy and convenient. It can come handy if you are travelling and will not be able to publish. You can also use it to manage your time properly. Simply write all new blog posts at the same time and schedule when you want them published and be free to do other things like keyword analysis and reading your emails.

Blog scheduling feature will also enable you reschedule your blog posts. Lets say that you have already schedule a post to be published today and their a very urgent blog post you need to publish today, assuming you have a policy of not publishing more than one blog posts in a day, you can reschedule today’s post to a more convenient time while you publish the urgent blog.

Using Blogger blog Post Scheduling feature

Blogger allows you to set the time, day, month and year you want a post to be published. With Blogger, you can write a blog post now and schedule it to be published next year. Blogger allows you to schedule a new blog post each time you are writing one.

Once you have finished writing a blog, you can schedule the time you want it to be published by clicking on the Post Options link on blog compose interface. The Post Options link will be found below your post body area on the same row as your label. Clicking Post Options will reveal a form where you will enter the time, day, month, and year you want your new post published. Set as you wish and click Publish button.

Use Blogger post scheduling feature to schedule the time each new blog posting should be published. However, if you want your posting published immediately, there is no point scheduling it just click Publish button. Once the time you set reaches, Blogger will automatically publish your scheduled blog posting online.

Instead of publishing too many posting on your blog site at the same time, it is better to post gradually using a scheduling feature as found in Blogger. This will make you blog always look fresh and if your post are interesting will attract repeat visitors who will spread information about your blog by word of mouth.

To make money from blogging you have to post on your blog regularly, a blog-scheduling feature as found in Blogger makes regular posting easy. Post today publish tomorrow or next.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monetisation key driver of Content Publishing Business

Human wants is a key driver of the content publishing business. One human want that has contributed more to the growth in the content business than any other, is the possibility of making money or monetisation. Let us face it; the content business will not be a business if no one knows how money can be made from it. No matter how much internet access and internet search grows their will be no business for web publishers if they cannot figure out how they will make money or at least pay their bills from their content.

While the objective of a content publisher is to satisfy human wants, his motivation is to make money. Successful content publishers are those who can marry the two together. They do not allow one to become more important than the other. Satisfying your customers should not override monetisation and monetisation should not override satisfying your customers.

For example if your content business fails as a result of over looking monetisation your visitors will simply move on to other content publishers who can satisfy them, while you gnash your teeth. In the same vein if you loose your visitors because you ignore their needs your content business will fail as well. Note that monetisation is your reward for satisfying your customers.

The internet would not have been as rich with content as it is today if not for monetisation. Monetisation has motivated thousands of people all over the world to publish content online. Monetisation has also made it possible for a number of services on the internet to be free. Contents can be published free today thanks to monetisation.

One way that content publishers monetise their website, is via advertising. One simple way to advertise on a website is via Google Adsense. A content publisher may also sell local advertising space or market for affiliate programs. A content publisher may promote his own skills online using his website or blog.

Therefore, while your work as a content publisher is to publish content your reward is monetisation.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Online Jobs Nigeria Internet Opportunities

Online jobs are jobs that can be done on the internet. Online jobs are done using computers and mobile devices connected to the internet. The increase in internet accessibility and affordability have resulted in many opportunities on the internet.

There are a number of ways that people make honest and legitimate living on the internet. The fact is that any job that can be done with a computer can be automated online. There are also online work marketplace where skilled people can be employed to do online jobs.

Online jobs can be done from any location, but there are a number of factors that might exclude people from some regions. Here you will find guide on the type of online jobs that can be done in Nigeria.

First lets look at factors to consider when thinking online jobs.

Does the Online Jobs Provider Support Nigeria

When using an online jobs platform also make sure that the platform supports Nigeria. Do not register under another country, as you may not be able to receive your money. If an online jobs platform does not support Nigeria, look for one that does.

For example, Clickbank does not support Nigeria, so you can not use the internet opportunity in Nigeria. Although there are people/services that claim they can help you use Clickbank from Nigeria, but this usually involves giving confidential information to a third party not answerable to you. This is an easy way for fraudsters to steal your identity and your hard earned money.

Payment method for Online Jobs

One factor to consider when selecting online jobs is to be clear on how you will collect your money. There is no point working if you cannot collect your money. The easiest way to receive international payments for online jobs in Nigeria is via US Dollar (USD) denominated cheques. You will need a USD domiciliary account to cash USD checks. Pounds Sterling and Euro denominated cheques are also easy to cash.

Other payment options for receiving earnings for your online jobs include Liberty Reserve, Bank Wire, MoneyGram, Western Union, and Direct bank deposit.

If you are using a platform with a standard means of payment, make sure that their payment means can be supported in Nigeria. Avoid online opportunities that pay only with payment methods not supported in Nigeria like PayPal. Although there are hacks, but hacks are never reliable and are very risky.

If you are rendering a service for someone online, ask for your payment via supported electronic payment means Liberty Reserve, western union, moneygram, or cash (if the client is in Nigeria).

Reliable Internet Access & Computer

Online jobs are done on the internet so you should not be surprised about needing a reliable internet access. You also require computer, not a mobile phone. If all you have a feature phone like all those tiny screen phones running Opera Mini, forget online jobs for now.

You need a computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or later to be effective at online jobs. You can use a cyber cafe but there are always some limitations with them.

Reliable Power Supply

Like with internet access, you also need a reliable power supply. As you know PHCN is useless so you cannot count on them. So, if you plan venturing into the online jobs industry, make sure you provide a reliable power source like generator, inverter, and solar power systems.

Online Jobs for Nigeria

There are a number of ways that ordinary people create wealth and jobs for themselves online. Here are a few of them that can be done in Nigeria:
  • Blogging
  • Web/content publishing Jobs
  • Online/affiliate marketing Jobs
  • writing copies for websites and advertisers (Copywriters)
  • High Yielding Investment Opportunities (HYIPs)
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consulting Jobs
  • Web design Jobs
  • Translation
  • Virtual Assistants Jobs
  • Research Assistant
  • Software development
  • Application development
  • Online Forex Trading Jobs
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Graphics & Multimedia Designers
On this blog I cover blogging, web publishing, online/affiliate marketing, Copywriting, and SEO. So, if you are interested on these types of online jobs join me here for updates and tips. Thanks.

One great advantage of online jobs is that you can work from anywhere, at home, cyber cafe, office, anywhere with internet access. Online jobs can also be done fulltime or part-time. Freelance jobs are also available online at online work marketplace.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Google key driver of content publishing Business

One company that have perhaps contributed more than any other company in the growth of the content business is Google. Google is behind the growth in user-generated content on the internet today. It seems that the content business will not have been as popular as it is today without Google. Any serious web publisher must watch Google closely as they are a key driver of the content business.

Google’s big step

One great step that Google took at the onset to promote content business, was to separate her search business from her advertising business. This meant that one could not buy higher ranking on Google search. As a result of this, an ordinary person can start publishing content and with some dedication and learning can rank on top of Google in very important keywords without paying a dime to Google.

Some search engines charge money for top ranking on search. This means that by paying money you can rank high on any keyword you choose. This also implies that advertisers with deep pockets can dominate any keywords they want leaving the rest of us behind.

Google’s separation of advertising from search made SEO an all comers affair and democratised search ranking. The possibility that anybody can rank high on Google motivated lots of people to publish content on Google and soon made Google the most popular search engine in the world. This has led to the richness and variety on the internet today and has made the content business a very lucrative venture.

Google supports easy and free publishing

The huge rise in user-generated content is largely because of the ease with which content can be published online. Today all you need is content and you are ready to publish online. Google promotes a number of tools that make web publishing very easy. Google is behind, which makes it easy for anyone to publish text, pictures and videos on the internet and Youtube, which makes video publishing a breeze. These web-publishing services are free with easy to use internet publishing interface. Easy and free publishing has attracted many people to publish contents online.

Google made advertising and making money easy

Thanks to Google Adwords and Google Adsense, content publishers can now make money from their content. While Adwords target advertisers and makes advertising online easy, Adsense targets web publishers and make attracting advertising revenue easy. The possibility of making money online has motivated a number of people to publish content online. Of course, the content business will not be a business without the possibility of making money. Advertisers go to Adwords create Ads and pay each time their Ad is clicked on Google network, Adsense display Adwords Ads on websites of registered web publishers. In order words, Adsense Ads that appear on web publishers Ads are Adwords Ads created by Advertisers.

Google has the best webmaster tools

Google have also created easy to use tools to help web publishers manage their website. Google Webmaster Central provides publishers with an easy to use interface for registering and maintaining a website. It provides great deal of information relevant to web publishers. For me Google webmaster tool is the best webmaster tool online, providing all features and information to put web publishers in control.

Google also provide other tools for web publishers like Google Analytics, which provides web publishers with information about their website traffic and Google Insights a tool for keyword analysis.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogger free Web Publishing Tool Review

A web publisher needs a website to publish contents online. He will also need to host the website with a hosting company. Hosting may be free or paid. One great free web hosting and publishing service online today is Blogger. Blogger makes web publishing easy with a familiar and easy to use publishing interface and extensive help features.

With Blogger, all you need is your content and you are ready to publish. No need to worry about designing your website.

Blogger interface looks like the compose mail interface that most internet users are used to. Enter the title of your article or post, type in post body, choose a label if you want, set when you want your post to be published if you do not want post to be published immediately, and click Publish. That is all your post is online.

Blogger provides you with free and reliable hosting and publishing service. Here are some features of Blogger:

Blogger is free:

Blogger is a free internet hosting and publishing service. You do not pay to use Blogger. Simply visit the website and follow the three simple steps and you have a Blogger account.

Blogger is easy to use:

Simply write your content on Blogger’s familiar interface and click publish. Blogger’s publishing interface looks like the email compose interface that most people are used to, simply enter a title for your post, write the post body, choose a label and click publish and your content is online.

Set when your post should be published:

You can write a post today and tell Blogger to publish it on any other day. In fact, you can write seven posts and set them to be published one each for seven days in a week. This means that a new post appears on your website everyday making your site fresh everyday.

Lots of free templates to choose from:

Blogger templates are free. Simply choose any of the templates with the type of layout that you want.

Publish from your email:

Blogger allows you to publish to your blog site from any email. Simply create an email to send your new posts to. Once you set this special email for your blog, you can publish to your site from any email by simply sending an email to this special email address.

Adsense is easy to implement in Blogger:

You can easily add adsense codes on Blogger. Blogger provides you with an easy to use interface for dragging your adsense codes. If you are using the classical interface, you can easily copy and paste adsense code anywhere you want them to appear on your website.

Blogger supports your personalised domain name:

Blogger allows you to choose a domain name when creating a weblog. This domain name is free and is of the form However, Blogger allows you to have a personalised domain name like A personalised domain name will cost you; you can buy from Blogger or from any other domain name registrar.

Publish with Blogger and host professionally:

Blogger allows you to use Blogger’s easy to use interface to publish your site while buying a professional hosting service. This is made possible by Blogger’s support for FTP publishing. This feature will only appeal to advanced users, who need to have more control of their content.

Blogger extensive help facility:

Blogger provides you with tutorials for easily learning about Blogger. Therefore, spend some time reading these tutorials. Video tutorials are also available. You can also search for how Tos on Blogger and on the internet.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Human Wants Key Driver of Web publishing business

Human wants is a driver of the content business. Everyday people logon to the internet in search of information. An inherent sense of inadequacy drives man to seek more information that will help him satisfy his immediate wants. Once those wants are satisfied, new wants that must be satisfied are developed and the cycle continues. If you are a serious web publisher, you will closely monitor changes in trends in your industry and provide contents that satisfy wants emanating from such trends.

Most people choose the internet because of the anonymity that it gives them when searching. There are certain kinds of information that most people would normally like to get without being identified and the internet satisfies this need for anonymity.

The internet provides for over six billion people a great platform for finding information that can help in satisfying those wants. This is where the content publisher comes in, his job as a content publisher is to provide information that will satisfy this wants.

Tips and How Tos are the most popular and successful content on the internet. People want tips on how to do things better. People also want step-by-step guides on how to do things. Step-by-step guides may come in embedded video or in text and pictures. People also need data-like contents like available job vacancies, prices of products and services, hotel locations, stock market prices and so on.

As a content publisher, you must monitor trends in your industry and anticipate trends that may emerge as a result. You should provide contents targeted at satisfying such wants. Lets say Nokia just launched a new mobile phone some wants that may emerge include information about prices, specs, reviews, and shops for that mobile phone. Your job immediately you hear about this new development (trend) is to provide contents targeted at satisfying these anticipated wants.

You will get information on new trends and wants from mainstream Media, like newspapers, magazines, journals, TV, radio and so on. Read newspapers, journals and magazines that focus on the subject you publish contents on. You should also tune in to radio and TV programmes related to your industry. You will usually get information about new trends and wants from mainstream Media. Publish contents when they are still hot.

Human wants is at the heart of the content business. The objective of a content publisher is to satisfy these wants.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Make Money Publishing Content Online

The high demand for information online has created an opportunity for people to provide contents online. Internet makes access to information very easy. This has made it a favourite destination for information seekers. This has also created a huge market for people publishing contents online. Web publishers make money by publishing contents online. This is why the internet is rich with information. Without the possibility of making money from publishing contents online, the internet would not have been as rich with contents as it is today.

Many people are motivated to publish content online because of the possibility of making money on the internet. The increase in user-generated contents is driven by monetisation motives more than anything else. Contents published on the internet today include text, pictures, videos, music, games, and so on.

A professional web publisher is one that makes a living or some part of his income from web publishing. A web publisher is motivated by the possibility of making money from his contents. However, a web publisher should not be driven only by his quest to make more money online. He should also keep in mind his objective which to provide relevant and useful contents that satisfy the needs of his visitors or customers.

The objective to satisfy his customers should stand as a check to his motivation to make more money. Make money today at the expense of your visitor’s wants and you will be out of business before you know it. No business can survive without focusing on its objectives.

what are they looking for

To make good money from web publishing, you must find out what people are searching for in the subject you provide contents on. You must satisfy this need if you want to make money from web publishing. Publishing what you want will not be productive; to make money you must publish what your visitors want. You must adopt this marketing philosophy if you are serious about making money as a content publisher. Popular topics on the internet include tips, reviews, How Tos, and so on.

How are they looking

Knowing what your visitors are looking for is not enough, you must also find out how they look for this information. Most people search for information via search engines. This means that to drive traffic to your website, you need to rank well on search engines. To rank on search engines you need to discover keywords that people use when searching for the kind of content you publish online. Ranking well on relevant keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Search and so on will drive the traffic you require to make money as a web publisher.

Keyword analysis will reveal hot keywords in your industry; you make money when you target such keywords.

Where are they looking

You also need to know where visitors to your website concentrate their attention. This helps you in your Ad placement strategy. Placing your Ads where your visitors concentrate their attention ensure that your Ads get seen. More Ad visibility will usually result to more money for properly matched Ads.

However, ensure that the Ads you place on your website are relevant to the content and does not obstruct the flow of your visitors. Your Ads must add value to your visitors.

who pays the bill

Web publishers make money from advertising. Ads can come from advertising services like Google Adsense, or from Affiliate programs like Web publishers can also make money by marketing advertising spaces on their website directly to advertisers. A web publisher must not advertise for other people, they can make money advertising their products, services and skills directly from their website.

Google Adsense is the most popular and effective online advertising service today. Google Adsense is a pay per click service that display contextual Ads on websites. You make money with Google Adsense when a visitor to your website finds an Ad so interesting as to click on it. Because Adsense Ads are matched to your content, they are likely to be interesting to your visitors and as a result generate more clicks and hopefully more money. In Google Adsense, more clicks will usually result in more money.

Affiliate programs like Amazon offer pay per sale instead. You earn some money as commission when a visitor after clicking an interesting Ad on your website also goes ahead to buy the product at your affiliate website. You make money on your value and volume of sales.

When marketing for affiliates, you will choose what you advertise. Make sure you advertise only product and services that will be relevant to your visitors. Matching your affiliate Ads properly, will result in more sales and as a result more money.

In the same vain, when you choose to sell advertising space on your website or promote your products and services on your website, make sure they will be relevant to your visitor. To make money from web publishing, your keyword must be adding value to your visitors. Ignore your visitors (customers) and sooner or later you will have no business and no money.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make Money Online Naija

Make money online naija is a blog dedicated to providing tips on how ordinary people can make money on the internet. In this blog you will find tips, reviews and articles on making money on the online.

We will be considering proven online opportunities like web publishing, internet marketing, forex trading, HYIPs, affiliate programs/marketing and so on.