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Making Money Online Tips Reviews How to on Internet Wealth

The internet is today a great platform for making money. There are now a number of ways that ordinary people in Nigeria and worldwide are making money online. Here we will review some of the proven ways of making honest, good and legal money online, some of which include web/content publishing, forex trading, Affiliate/internet marketing, and so on.

Just as money is made in the physical world, the electronic world provides an opportunity for making money. One great edge that online businesses have over the physical business world is that on the internet you must make use of computers. Use of computers on the internet makes automation possible creating room for ordinary people to make money online 24/7 even when they are asleep.

Online businesses do not necessarily require investment on offices; you can do it right from your home. However as your online business continues to grow and you make more money, you will require office and a few hands to help. So you can even be an employer of labour, while making money online.

Are you wondering how ordinary people are making money online? Here are a few methods:

Making money Web/content publishing

One way of making money online is web publishing. Everyday millions of people visit the internet in search of information. They are looking for information to help them improve their wellbeing. There is an inherent desire in man to seek more information that will make him better and the internet has made finding information easy.

This crave for information online creates an opportunity for web publishers to satisfy this need. The good news is that, web publishers are making money online satisfying this crave for more information.

The objective of a good web publisher is to find out what people want information about in any industry he has chosen and to provide such information. His motivation is the possibility of making money. To succeed as a web publisher (i.e. make money) one has to meet this objective of satisfying visitors to his website. Successful web publishers are those who strike the right balance between making money and satisfying their visitors.

Contents published by web publishers may come as text, pictures, videos, music, games, widgets, wallpapers, and so on.

A Web publisher needs to have a website. They either go for a paid hosting service or a free hosting and publishing service like Blogger.com.

Web publishers make money through advertising. They can use online pay per click/impression advertising services like Google Adsense, or a pay per sale affiliate program like Amazon.com or Google Affiliate Networks. They may also advertise their skills, products and services on their websites or sell ads directly.

Google Adsense sends robots to your site to find out what your website is all about. The robots will then go through Ads bought by advertisers on the Google Adword program and find Ads that best matches contents on your website. These Ads are then displayed on your site. Hence with Adsense you just have to concentrate on generating useful and relevant contents, Adsense will display just the right Ads on your website. Ads relevant to contents on your site will usually make more money for you.

When using Google Adsense, you make money when your visitor finds an Ad so interesting as to click on it. You make money for clicks on Adsense Ads displayed on your website. Adsense also serve pay per impression Ads on website. For such Ads you make money when an Ad is viewed or displayed on your website.

In the case of Affiliate programs like Amazon and Google Affiliate networks, you will require a bit more work before you can make money. You have to personally choose products that best suit your site. How successful you are in achieving this will be a great factor on whether you will make money from your affiliate campaigns. You make money with services like Amazon when a visitors after clicking an Ad on your website also goes ahead to buy the product at Amazon. You earn commission on sales.

One great advice for people nursing the ambition of making money online via web publishing is that the content they choose to publish must be content that they know a lot about. The best contents are those that come from your experience, skills, or profession. Publish content you have flare for. Best online contents are Tips, Reviews, How Tos, and so on. Web publishing is a great way of making money online today.
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Making money from Internet & Affiliate marketing

It is not only information that people are looking for online. Of course, it is not only information that can satisfy the human crave to become better. Products and services can also satisfy them.

The internet provides a great platform for selling. You make money online selling your products and services or other people’s products and services. The objective of an internet marketer is to sell what people want to buy, while his reward is earning some money as commission or profit for doing so.

To make money selling online you need to advertise. If you are a web publisher with a website that is related to products or services that you are marketing, then you can advertise freely on your own website if it is popular. However, if your website is not popular you will require the services of online advertising platforms like Google Adword.

With Google Adword, you are billed only when a visitor clicks your Ad. You can pay as low as 5 cents for a click. You can also choose pay per impression Ads. You create your Ad and bid for keywords that are related to the products and services you are selling. The more popular a keyword is the more money you may have to pay in order for your Ads to appear online.

Your Ads will appear when people enter search terms including your keywords in a search engine that supports Google Adword. Your ads will appear above, below, or beside search terms on Google search. Your Ads will also appear on websites that support Google Adsense. Your Ads will only appear on websites that match the keywords you have chosen. Internet marketers can also advertise on Yahoo search, Yahoo displays ads along side search results. Google Adword is an indispensable tool for internet marketers, if you are serious about making money as an internet marketer, then Google Adword must be one of your platforms.

Once a visitor clicks on your Ad, he will be taken to a website that you chose during the Ad setup. This means you will need a website for online marketing. However, if you are marketing for an online affiliate program like Amazon you will be provided with website codes for different product. In such a case, you may not require a website of your own.

You make money from online affiliate programs or online selling when a visitor buys the product that you are selling.

You can also use an affiliate program to sell your products and services. Affiliate programs will sell your products through their extensive network of internet marketers and take commission on sales. For example, Amazon does not produce all products sold on Amazon.com. Hence, you can make money by selling via affiliate programs.

Making money from online Forex trading

Foreign Exchange trading or Forex trading involves speculation on international currencies. Forex trading used to be the exclusive reserve of the rich and banks, but today with the advent of the internet, ordinary people with as little as $100, are now making money trading forex online.

To trade forex online, you need the services of an online forex broker, you will also need online forex trading software or application and a good knowledge of forex trading. As a Forex trader, you take positions (or bet) on currency fluctuations. If currency fluctuations go in your favour, you make money. On the other hand, if the currency fluctuations go against you, you lose money.

The amount of money an online forex trader makes depends on amount invested and size of currency fluctuation. In simple terms, the more money you invest, the more money you make. Note however, that the more money you invest the higher your risk or the more money you may lose.

Online forex trading is risky; you are not likely to win all your trades. You will win some and lose some. The aim of most forex traders is to win more than they lose.

To make money from online forex, you will need good analytical skills; you need to also be smart. You also need a great deal of training, education and practice.

Most online trading applications will provide you with a demo account to help you practice your online forex trading skills. With a demo account, you can trade forex without making or losing money. The system will provide you with worthless currency to enable you tryout your skills. It is recommended that you trade with a demo for about three months before trying out the real thing.

more good/legal ways of making money online

Other ways that people now make money on the internet include:
  • making money taking Surveys online
  • Writing copies for websites and advertisers (copywriting)
  • High Yielding Investment Opportunities (HYIPs)
  • Offering search engine optimisation (SEO) services
  • making money from web design services
  • making money selling e-books, software, games
  • Offering money making opportunities to other people

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Blogging for Money - making money online for bloggers

Blogs enable anyone with internet access to share their thoughts and opinions online. It is an online journal that enable people to share their views online and interact with visitors via comments. Blogging is the act of writing, promoting and maintaining a weblog. While there are many blogs with no financial interest, the so-called pure blogs, a number of bloggers are motivated to start blogging because of the possibility of making money. Blogging for money is a trend that is on the increase.

Blogging is very popular today because it is easy to setup. All you need to start blogging is the thought or opinion you wish to share with the world and internet access. Another factor that has made blogging popular is that most blogging sites like Blogger.com are free. Just open a blogger account and you can start Blogging immediately. Technology has also made blogging with mobile phones possible. Free Blogging packages like Wordpress are also available. All these has contributed in making blogging popular.

Pure bloggers are passionate about blogging their opinion. They are satisfied by the satisfaction they get blogging their thoughts online. The feeling of importance and having people reading their views is enough for a pure blogger. On the other hand, entrepreneurial bloggers are motivated by the possibility of making money from blogging. Like pure bloggers, they are passionate about blogging their opinion, but are more business minded.

How to make money online blogging

To make money from blogging you need to take it as a business. You need to adopt a marketing philosophy of satisfying your visitor’s wants. Hence, what you write about in your blog should be what your visitors want to read. Entrepreneurial bloggers do not write what they want; they write what their visitors want. Of course, you should be blogging what you are passionate and knowledgeable in, but you must write it in a way that satisfies your visitors.

Blogging about a specific theme is better

To make money from blogging, you must focus your blog on a theme. Having a blog with too many unrelated contents is counter-productive. Your blog must have a purpose that you can define in one or two sentences. In the same vein, each blog post/entry on your blog site must have a purpose. It is also important that you target specific keywords in your blog posts.

Blogging about a specific subject, will attract people interested in such a subject to your website. There are millions of blogs on the internet so by focusing your blog on a theme you can differentiate your blog from the crowd. This will make your blog to be identified in that subject and if you are good, you can become an authority in that subject, blogging your way to prominence and more money. Blogging on a specific subject area will also make it easy for Advertisers. Once Advertisers know that the subject of your blog is relevant to their product or service, they will buy ad placements on your blog.

Blogging about a specific subject is also good if you are using Google Adsense. A blog targeted to a theme will be feature keywords associated with the theme. This makes it easy for Adsense robots to serve you with relevant Ads. The more relevant Ads you displayed on your blog, the more clicks you are likely to get and the more money you can make. Blogging on a specific subject or theme will usually result in more money in the long run.

focus your entries on keywords

Blogging for money starts with an idea, then keyword analysis of that idea. To make money from blogging you need to know words and phrases that people use when searching for your subject area in search engines. Those are your keywords. In fact, keyword analysis should determine the name of your blog; it should also determine the title of your posts. If you have focused your blog on a theme, find keywords relevant to your blog's theme and base your posts on them. Before writing any post, do a keyword analysis first and determine relevant keywords. A keyword rich website will perform well and search engines. Good performance on search engines will drive traffic which key to making money from blogging.

Driving traffic to your blog

Making money from blogging depends on the volume of traffic that you can generate on your blog site. Most of your traffic is likely to come from search engines. The volume of traffic depends on how high your blog ranks on important keywords in your industry or blog's theme on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. A blog filled with quality contents and properly targeting relevant keywords will always rank better on search engines. Therefore, good keyword analysis will lead to good ranking, which leads to high traffic, and finally to more money. Register your blog with webmaster tools of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and submit your sitemap.

Ensure you open a Facebook page for your blog and each time you post a new entry on your blog share the link on your blog's Facebook page. Also open a Twitter account for your blog and share your posts there as well. Socialise with your fans on Facebook and Twitter with regular updates. Gradually your fan base on these social networking sites will increase and drive traffic to your blog.

You should also provide feeds for your visitors to subscribe to. Feeds will enable your visitors to subscribe to your blog if they find it interesting. Subscribers to your feeds will be alerted each time a new post appears on your blog. Subscribers to your feeds are your loyal visitors (customers) and can help spread information about your blog, so take them very seriously. Having feeds will generate additional traffic for your blog site.

Ad Placement is essential

You can generate all the traffic you want, but without proper ad placement, you will not be able to make much money blogging. Find out where your visitors usually concentrate their attention and place ads at such locations. Ads displayed on your blog must be contextual. Google Adsense is a contextual Ad service that will display Ads matched to your blog content. You make money each time a visitor clicks on an Adsense Ad displayed on your blog.

If you are using Google Adsense, make sure that the first Ad unit appears in the hottest Ad space on your blog. This is because Adsense display ads in order of their earning potential. So, a click on ads on the first Ad unit will likely earn more money than those on the second Ad unit and so on. So, by ensuring that Ads that earn more gets the most clicks, you can increase the amount of money you currently make without increasing your traffic

Blogging for money is possible; it will require a lot of hard work and determination, but it is possible. You will not make money with just blogging one post. You will require to post on your blog site continuously and consistently if you are serious about making money from blogging. The more purposeful posts you have on your blog the more money you can make from blogging.

Blogging for money pays the bill for free-blogging, start blogging for money and save blogging from extinction.