A Super Tip That Will Help You Start And Run Your Online Business In Nigeria

Even If You Have A Full Time Job And Have No Time On Your Hands

I will be straight be you... running an online business ...like every kind of business offline requires some investments.

These investments don’t cost too much...but are necessary.

So one who has a job and has money to invest...and is in better position than many other people who don’t have money to invest.

So what about people who have full time jobs...with lots of ideas and not time to execute the ideas ...what can they do?

Before I Answer That Let Me Tell You A Little Story

You know...before now , I always thought if I wanted to do anything in my online business I had to do it myself.
  1. I had to create blogs myself
  2. I had to create content by myself
  3. I had to maintain my sites by myself
  4. I had to crate videos and audio if i wanted by myself
  5. I had to create graphics by myself
And many other things.

But ...like many people who have day time jobs...I could not catch up. I was delaying and postponing all my activities.

I was making a big mistake.

This may be the same mistake you may be making right now.

But I realized I was making a mistake when I interviewed a friend who has 74 websites and has 10 employees.

He was paying these guys to run his websites for him.
He was using his money to build his online business.
He was investing his money into building his online assets...
He was doing something called ...OUTSOURCING.

He Was Paying People To Work For Him

And that right there...is the super tip that will help you start an run your own online business without actually doing a thing.

All you do is use your money to get people to create your online asset.
By online asset I mean:
  1. Blogs
  2. Forums
  3. Products
  4. Services
  5. Software

Here Different Things You Can Hire Or Pay People To Do For You

If you have money to invest and some ideas and you don’t have time to work or set up your online business, these are different things you can pay people to do for you:

1. Technical stuff

Many people don’t know how to set up blogs, websites , forums and the rest of them. If you have no idea how to do these things , do not waste your time trying to figure out everything (although this is still recommended) , you can pay other people to set these thing up for you.
Odesk.com is a great place to get people to do technical stuff. This is the website I use.

2. Content Creation

Websites , blogs and forums are only useful and profitable if they have content (information in text , audio , video and in other forms) . If you don’t know what to write or don’t have time to write, you can pay people to create content for you.
I use www.textbroker.com for this. You can also use www.IWriter.com and www.Odesk.com. Locally , you can post an add on NairaLand.com to get Nigerian writers.

3. Graphic Work

Graphic works is needed online . you need graphics for you posts , articles , products and many other purposes. If you don’t have the knowledge or the time to do these things...you can easily pay other people to do it for you for cheap.
Don’t waste time struggling to make them if you don’t know what to do.
Spend $5 to $10 to get an expert on Odesk.com to make one for you.
You can also do this locally by hiring a graphic designer on places like Nairaland.com

4. Build Traffic

You can also hire people to promote your asset for you using different ways . you can hire people to handle SEO for you.
You can hire people to do guest blogging for you.
You can hire people to do other traffic building activities.

The truth is there is practically nothing you cannot outsource.


Stop procrastinating .

You will never have enough time. If you have money to invest...pay people to start and run your online business for you.

About the author: Mk Akan is a Nigerian blogger and entrepreneur who blogs at www.NairaCow.com. He is giving out a simple 4 Page Report that reveals more ways to run your online business especially if you have money to invest and no time to work.