Sunday, July 29, 2012

Benefits of Niche Blogging – Blogs for Online Marketing

Yes there are blogs that are broad and successful like the Nigeria Technology Guide, but they are few. Niche blogging is the recommended route for beginner bloggers and there is a reason for that. It is very hard for an individual to succeed with very broad blogs. Broad blogs succeed if there is a team of bloggers with each blogger focusing on a niche.

Most successful blogs have a clearly defined theme some may be broader than others but there is always a focus. Here are a few benefits of niche blogging:

Easier to build a reputation

Focusing your blog on a clearly defined theme makes it easier for people to associate your blog with the niche making it easier to build your reputation on that niche. This makes it easier to develop and position yourself as an authority in the niche. Remember that one of the conditions for making money from blogging is to have a reputation. So, writing a blog about everything will only delay your progress. So, niche blogging is the way to go.

Build a Loyal Following

Niche blogging makes your blog attractive to visitors who have interest in the niche. For example, a blog about fashion will attract readers interested in fashion. This can lead to a loyal following for your blog, which can guarantee regular visitors to your blog.

Niche blogging will make your blog a focal point for people interested in the niche helping you build reputation and traffic. This will make your blog attractive to advertisers and marketers who are interested in targeting your type of audience. So, niche blogging can make your blog very valuable and relevant for online marketing.

More Search Traffic

Niche blogging does not only help you build reputation with humans, it also helps you build reputation with search engines. Niche blogging will make search engines to associate your blog with the niche, which with time may give you advantage in search terms associated with your niche.

Better ranking for those search terms will improve traffic to your blog

Easier Advertiser Targeting

Niche blogging makes your blog easier for advertisers to target. It also makes it easier to attract advertisers. Since your blog focuses on a clearly defined niche and attract targeted audience via search engines, blogging on a niche makes it is easy for advertisers to decide whether your blog is the right feat.

Niche blogging also attract better targeted Ads on contextual advertising networks like Google Adsense. This leads to more user engagement with Ads on your blog and more money in the bank for you.

Easier to sell Niche products & services

Because your blog is focused on a niche it could become a great marketing platform for selling products or services that will appeal to interest groups in the niche. In fact, the whole point of niche blogging is to create a platform for marketing to a clearly defined audience.

So, if you are starting out in blogging, focus on a clearly defined. Go niche blogging.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blogging Misconceptions for Beginners

There are a lot of misconceptions about blogging, below are a few of them. If you are just starting out as a blogger or considering blogging as a business, make sure you understand these misconceptions, as key to success in blogging or any business depends a lot in your understanding of the business model.

In a bid to market e-books and seminars, marketers create some misconceptions about blogging. However, they are just doing their job. Advertising is supposed to be metaphorical, so it is your fault if you buy it completely. Here are some popular misconceptions to get out of the way in your blogging venture.

Blogging is an easy & fast way to make money

A lot of people started blogging because it was marketed to them as a get rich quick method of making money. This has led to a lot of lazy and charlatan bloggers joining the Nigerian bloghood. These lazy bloggers simply copy other people’s content or just scribble very short posts.

The truth is that making money from blogging requires that you build the traffic and reputation of your blog. Doing both takes time. Writing posts on your blog is easy, monetising your blog is easy, building traffic and reputation is the hard part.

Just post a few articles and seat back and watch the money role in

This is another popular misinformation. The truth is that no money will role in with just a few posts. You need to write a new topic each day. You need to promote your posts, manage your blog, respond to comments, share your links on social networking sites, and so on. And you need to do this on a consistent basis.

Making money from blogging is a scam

Because of the way blogging has been wrongly promoted as a get rich quick method of making money, a number of people who have tried and failed in blogging have concluded that blogging is a scam. However, the truth is that people are making money from blogging, yours truly included. Last year, I posted a five figure income (in US Dollars) and I have my eyes set on a six figure income this year. So, don’t be deceived you can make money from blogging but you need to build traffic and reputation first, and that takes time.

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