Saturday, February 27, 2010

Keyword Analysis is key for Bloggers & web publishers

When designing an information website or blog, one of the most crucial steps is Keyword generation and keyword analysis. Keywords are words people use when they search for your type of content on search engines. These are words you consider relevant to your website or blog content.

You start by brainstorming to generate keywords you consider relevant to your content. These initial keywords are raw keywords and are not necessarily, how people will enter those words during search. A proper keyword analysis will help you generate relevant keywords from your raw keywords.

Raw keywords are raw ideas generated on your own and with the help of friends. There relevance must verified using keyword analysis.

To generate relevant keywords, you need to do a keyword analysis of your raw keywords. For example, let us take the raw keyword like Jobs which is a popular keyword for the career niche, a keyword analysis of the raw keyword may reveal more relevant keywords like:

  • Jobs Nigeria
  • Jobs Vacancies
  • Jobs in Nigeria
  • Oil Company Jobs
  • Banking Jobs
  • MTN Jobs
  • And so on
Note that these are all relevant keywords for the raw keyword Jobs. They represent what people searching in relation to Jobs are keying into search engine search bars. Keyword analysis must be done for each of your raw keywords to generate relevant keywords. At the end of this process, you may have hundreds of relevant keywords if not thousands.

Note that relevant keywords for your raw keywords may change from time to time. For example, MTN Jobs may become less popular when the MTN is not recruiting. The implication of this is that from time to time you need to do a keyword analysis of your raw keywords to generate latest relevant keywords.

Create a text document called keywords_dd_mm_yyyy were dd, mm, yyyy stands for the day, month and the year the relevant keywords were generated. Create a new text document each time you do a keyword analysis. You can also use Microsoft Excel or any other spreadsheet for storing your relevant keywords.

You need a keyword analysis tool like Google insights for analysing your raw keywords or Google Adwords Keyword Tool. There are a number of keyword analysis tools on the internet, but Google insights and Google Adwords Tool are free and quite easy to use. Thorough keyword analysis can be the difference between web publishers that make money online and those that don't.

The purpose of doing keyword analysis is to create content that are relevant to what web users are looking for. So, after generating keywords from your keyword analysis, you should write content on your blog or website to target them and draw search traffic on your website or blog.

Search traffic is key to making money from blogs and websites. So, you should take keyword analysis very serious.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Newspapers web publishers Gold mine Bloggers too

Newspapers are great sources of information for web publishers and bloggers. As a web publisher, you must look for newspapers, journals and magazines on your industry. If you write on health, for example you should look for health magazines and journals. You should also look for newspaper editions that talk health.

Do not just rely on your experience, newspapers and magazines will inform you of new and emerging trends (new wants) in your industry (or niche). They help you understand what the burning issues are in your niche area. Look at ads in newspapers as well, do not just focus on news and articles.

What products and services are being advertised on your niche. Note some newspaper readers will go online to look for more information about such product thereby increasing search traffic for them. You should position your blog or website to benefit from those newspaper ad campaigns.

Having fresh, relevant, and quality contents are key to making money in blogging and web publishing. Newspapers are a great source for new ideas. So start going through online and paper editions of newspapers, they are a gold mine of information for web publishers.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Computer and Internet connection is an essential tool for web publishing/blogging

Computer access is an essential tool for web publishing and blogging. You need a computer for creating your content. You will need a computer to type and edit your text; and design and edit your graphics or photos. If you upload videos, a computer will also come handy in editing and adding effects to your Video. You can also store your data on your computer hard drive. You will need a computer for connecting to the internet and evaluating and analysing your success.

You do not need a very powerful computer for your content business. Any computer with specs of at least 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 40GB HDD is recommended. You can use a desktop, laptop, netbook, or tablet. If you can afford it go for a brand new computer. However if you are working on a tight budget, a used or assembled computer will be adequate. The computer should also be internet ready.

Note that you do not need to own a computer; all you need is access to a computer say from a cyber cafe. However, having a computer of your own will make things a lot easier and convenient. Having a computer of your own means you can blog more and generate more content, which is what you need to do in order make money online blogging.

If you do not have a computer, you will need a USB flash memory for saving your contents. You may also need to write down and organise the content you want to publish on paper in order to save time at the cyber cafe.

You will also need a reasonable typing speed but this should not be a hindrance. Learn how to use folders in organising your files, so as to make finding your contents easier. In all, your computer skills should be good and will definitely get better as you progress.

A personal internet connection is ideal, but not essential. You can access the internet at a cyber cafe, however as your traffic grows you may need internet access more frequently and hence having a personal connection will be cheaper.